SYDNEY, July 26, 2023

SequenceShift Achieves Amazon Connect Ready Designation

SequenceShift, a leading provider of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance for Contact Centers, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Connect Ready designation from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This specialization verifies that SequenceShift's Amazon Connect software solution adheres to architectural and operational best practices, is being actively utilized by customers in production environments, and customers are eagerly advocating for the solution.

The customer experience (CX) and contact center space are undergoing continuous evolution. To keep up with increasing expectations, businesses are investing in modern technology to automate and optimize processes, delivering increasingly personalized experiences while staying ahead of customer demands. This often necessitates an enhanced approach to contact center technology stacks to meet evolving requirements. With Amazon Connect at the core of these current and future contact center technology investments, Amazon Connect Ready Partners specialize in offering vetted solutions in analytics and reporting, omnichannel customer experience, customer relationship management, outbound communications, and workforce engagement. Current and prospective Amazon Connect customers can turn to SequenceShift with a high degree of confidence in the interoperability of their solutions.

The Amazon Connect Ready designation serves to distinguish AWS Partners that have invested in their solutions, demonstrating the capacity to deploy and operationalize these solutions repeatedly, at scale. Lastly, and most importantly, they have a roster of customers that have successfully deployed the solution on AWS.

"Our solution offers enhanced speed and efficiency," says the SequenceShift spokesperson. "SequenceShift is proud to achieve the Amazon Connect Ready designation. Our work with AWS allows us to deliver contact center PCI compliance in the most effective way, leveraging the agility, range of services, and pace of innovation that they offer."

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To assist the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Service Ready Program to aid customers in identifying AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

The Globe and Mail, Canada's leading news media company, and Collinson, an international leader in customer loyalty and benefits programs, were both able to enhance their customer experiences, streamline operations and optimise their data security by integrating SequenceShift's solution.

For Chris Barrow, Solution Architect at Collinson, it was "The seamless integration with Amazon Connect and easy integration into Salesforce" that really made the difference.

From Susan Kelly, Vice President Information Technology at The Globe and Mail "SequenceShift fit well into our overall digital transformation plans; cloud based, nimble and fit for purpose. A model of an excellent partnership with an external vendor!"

In both cases, SequenceShift provided an array of impressive benefits, including zero-cost setup, a pay-as-you-go pricing model, successful integration with Amazon Connect in under an hour, and a massive improvement in their PCI compliance status.

The Amazon Connect Ready designation is the latest in a line of successes for SequenceShift, the company's technology is enhanced in its ability to provide AWS-aligned, pay-as-you-go, self-service, and self-setup PCI compliance. The availability of these capabilities in AWS Marketplace makes it easier for customers to follow safe and familiar procurement models.

About SequenceShift - SequenceShift, a global leader in providing robust PCI compliance solutions for contact centers, is trusted by industry giants such as The Globe and Mail, Collinson, and Global Touring. Its unique product offerings, marked by swift setup, AWS alignment, and PAYG models, make it a preferred choice in the industry.

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