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Our solutions allow you to outsource the job of capturing the credit card information and minimize your exposure to PCI-DSS when your customers make payments over the phone

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Agent-Assisted Payments for Amazon Connect

Payline for Amazon Connect removes your contact center environment from PCI-DSS scope and allows you to provide the best customer experience when taking payments over the phone

Key Benefits

Reduce PCI-DSS compliance exposure

Remove your contact center environment from PCI DSS scope. Capture card details to process payment or tokenize the card for future billing. Reduce the risk of accepting card payments over the phone. Avoid payment vendor lock-in.

Improve customer experience

Minimize time customer spends on the phone, being transferred between parties. Allow operator to assist with the payment by guiding them through the entire process. Eliminate the risk of customer’s credit card data being overheard by bystanders when reading it out loud or written down by call centre agent. No need to pause call recording to accept payment.

Solution as a service

Complete solution as-a-service that gives you all the power and flexibility of the cloud. Easily integrates with your business systems and processes, works with your current payments provider. Quick and easy deployment. Simple per-transaction pricing model.

How It Works
The agent has full control over the payment process. The customer uses their keypad to enter their card number and CVV while maintaining voice communication with the agent. The sensitive data is never heard or seen by the agent, and it does not end up on the recording, allowing you to record the full conversation.
Start taking PCI-DSS compliant payments within 32 minutes when you sign up via AWS Marketplace.

Solution Overview

SequenceShift's integration with Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center, removes your environment from PCI-DSS scope and improves customer experience. Payline allows you to effectively manage the risk of accepting credit cards over the phone, reducing the fraud to the levels of e-commerce and at the same time optimize your customer journey. The solution is payment vendor independent and is available globally.

SequenceShift technical documentation is available when you sign up for a test facility via AWS Marketplace. Access the documentation and start taking secure agent-assisted contact center payments here.

Customer References

amaysim is a customer-focused subscription utility provider of no-contract mobile and retail energy plans. In early 2019, amaysim engaged SequenceShift to replace a legacy telephone platform for secure phone payments. This allowed the provider to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance while enjoying the flexibility of Amazon Connect. SequenceShift was chosen based on their availability of a demo environment, implementation time, and their familiarization with AWS products and services. "SequenceShift has allowed us to securely take payments over the phone in a way that’s efficient for both our team and our customers", says Peter James, IT Operations Director at amaysim. SequenceShift enables amaysim to reduce the payment time for their customers, thus resulting in an overall improved user experience.

Global Touring

Global Touring with brands including Topdeck Travel, Back-Roads Touring and Blue-Roads Touring (USA) are part of the Flight Centre family. Global Touring required a cloud contact centre to handle interactions from its three brands while at the same time be able to securely take credit card payments over the phone. "The AWS Cognitive CX suite allows us to integrate to applications like SequenceShift in a matter of days. It means smaller contact centres can get the benefit of the Amazon Connect features and be PCI-DSS compliant; in the past this was only achievable for large scale centres with sizeable budgets", says Luke McNamara, Country Manager ANZ, VoiceFoundry. Global Touring partnered with VoiceFoundry as well as cloud software vendors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SequenceShift to implement state-of-the-art contact centre technology, Amazon Connect, integrated to SequenceShift's PCI-DSS secure credit card payment solution.

Secure Payments IVR
Self-Service Payments for Amazon Connect

Secure Payments IVR removes your environment from PCI-DSS scope when your customers make self-service payments over the phone. Captured payment information gets encrypted on the fly and sent over to SequenceShift and then to your preferred payment provider. You remain in the full control of the IVR flow. Use the best of both worlds - ultimate flexibility and power of Amazon Connect and PCI-DSS grade security from SequenceShift.

SequenceShift technical documentation is available when you sign up for a test facility via AWS Marketplace. Access the documentation and start taking secure self-service payments with Amazon Connect here.

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Amazon Connect is a self-service, cloud-based contact center service that makes it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at a lower cost. Amazon Connect is based on the same contact center technology used by Amazon customer service associates around the world to power millions of customer conversations.

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